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Sylvia Kar

10 Practice Examinations for the Michigan ECCE - Book 2 - July 2013

Sylvia Kar


10 Practice Examinations to prepare your students for the New ECCE Exams, starting May 2013.

A combination of the 7 More Practice Examinations for the ECCE and the ECCE Review books, revised and integrated into one new book, with all the revisions required for the new examination format.

- Glossary included at the end of each unit, with English and Greek synonyms.

- Brainstorming and Model Compositions included for extra practice.

- Derivative Charts available.

Teacher's Book: 18,00

ISBN: 978-960-7632-85-2

Student's Book: 24,00

ISBN: 978-960-7632-84-5

4 CDs: 24,00

ISBN: 978-960-7632-86-9

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Sample for the ECCE book II